Harbor Target Retirement 2045 Fund Investor Class (HAEEX)


Portfolio Characteristics (As of Month Ended 12/31/2016)

 Target Retirement 2045 Fund Value
Number of Underlying Funds13

Actual Allocations (As of Month Ended 12/31/2016)

As of Month Ended 12/31/2016
As of Month Ended 12/31/2016
Harbor Fund% of Market Value
Equity and Commodity
Capital Appreciation Fund9.6%
Mid Cap Growth Fund4.9%
Small Cap Growth Fund4.4%
Large Cap Value Fund11.4%
Mid Cap Value Fund7.4%
Small Cap Value Fund5.4%
International Fund16.9%
International Growth Fund11.8%
Global Growth Fund4.1%
Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund4.0%
Fixed Income
High-Yield Bond Fund8.1%
Bond Fund10.7%
Real Return Fund1.1%

The Harbor Target Retirement Income Fund is designed for investors currently in retirement, and its investments are expected to remain stable over time. The other Harbor Target Retirement Funds are designed for investors who plan to retire close to the year indicated in the Funds' names. These Funds' asset allocations will change over time and become more conservative as time elapses. The principal value of the Funds is not guaranteed at any time, including the target retirement date.