Harbor Global Value Fund
Foreign Tax Credit Calculator

To calculate the country-by-country breakdown of the Foreign Source Income and the Foreign Tax paid, refer to your Global Value Fund 1099-DIV tax statement. In the fields below, enter the values shown in Box 1a (Total Ordinary Dividends) and Box 6 (Foreign Tax Paid) on your statement. As you enter the values, the worksheet will automatically calculate the breakdown.

Box 1a:
Box 6:


Country Foreign Income Factor Foreign Tax Factor Foreign Source Income Foreign Tax
Bermuda 0.0142 0.0000
Canada 0.0331 0.0675
China 0.0421 0.0572
France 0.1157 0.2113
Germany 0.1335 0.1899
Hong Kong 0.0282 0.0000
Japan 0.0916 0.0888
Jersey 0.0254 0.0000
Korea, Republic Of 0.0173 0.0518
Netherlands 0.1309 0.2123
Singapore 0.0390 0.0000
Spain 0.0119 0.0242
Switzerland 0.0476 0.0970
United Kingdom 0.2695 0.0000

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