XBRL Filings

The table below lists all of the XBRL filings that Harbor has made with the SEC.  The SEC rules require that each filing be posted on our website exactly as it was filed, and remain on our website for as long as the prospectus to which the XBRL filing relates remains current.  Each document listed below will open a ZIP file that contains several files.  Those files, when loaded into an XBRL reader, will display the XBRL filing.  All content within the XBRL filings is also available in various documents found elsewhere on harborfunds.com.  In general, Harbor recommends consulting each fund's prospectus.

Document Name Last Updated View/Download
Harbor Funds Diversified International All Cap Fund XBRL Filing (Sept 22, 2016) 
09/28/2016 View
Harbor Funds Bond Fund XBRL Filing (May 17, 2016) 
05/18/2016 View
Harbor Funds Amended Int'l Small Cap Fund XBRL Filing (March 1, 2016) 
03/16/2016 View
Harbor Funds XBRL Filing (March 1, 2016) 
03/16/2016 View