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Harbor Funds Modifies its Redemption Fee Policy
February 15, 2013

Harbor Funds today announced several changes to its redemption fee policy that will take effect on March 1, 2013.

Harbor Funds has eliminated redemption fees as of March 1, 2013 on the following funds:

  • Harbor International Fund
  • Harbor International Growth Fund
  • Harbor Global Growth Fund
  • Harbor Global Value Fund
  • Harbor Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund

The following funds will assess a 1% redemption fee on shares held less than 90 days as of March 1, 2013:

  • Harbor High-Yield Bond Fund
  • Harbor Convertible Securities Fund
  • Harbor Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Harbor Funds has added an exception to its redemption fee policy to  help correct an error made by a shareholder when investing.  To qualify for the exception, the shareholder must notify Harbor Funds promptly after making the inadvertent investment and Harbor Funds must agree an error occurred.

Harbor Funds are intended for long-term investors.  Harbor Funds will continue to use other methods to help protect shareholders from the effects of excessive short-term trading.  Harbor Funds retains the right to block future purchases and exchanges into a fund on a temporary or permanent basis if it discovers what it believes is excessive trading, including after even one round trip into and out of a fund.

The Harbor Funds lineup of actively managed, no-load mutual funds had combined net assets of approximately $69.5 billion as of December 31, 2012.  Each Harbor fund is managed by an institutional investment firm chosen by Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. based on the firm's experience in a specific asset class.