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Harbor Funds issues a Proxy Statement regarding a Special Meeting of Shareholders
May 28, 2013

To All Harbor Funds Shareholders:

As previously announced, Harbor Funds issued a Proxy Statement regarding a Special Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 25, 2013.  Your vote is important.  Even if you own only a few shares of Harbor Funds, this is an opportunity for you to vote on matters affecting Harbor Funds.

The Proxy Statement is in connection with the proposed sale of the parent company of Harbor Capital Advisors expected about July 1, 2013.  Although we do not expect the sale of Harbor Capital Advisors' parent company to have any effect on Harbor Funds, U.S. law requires that new advisory agreements between Harbor Capital Advisors and Harbor Funds be approved by Harbor Funds shareholders.  At the same time, Harbor Funds is asking shareholders to approve some changes and updates to the Declaration of Trust for Harbor Funds. 

The Board of Trustees of Harbor Funds unanimously recommends that shareholders of each Harbor fund vote in favor of the proposals in the Proxy Statement.  You can view the Proxy Statement here.

You should have received the Proxy Statement and related information electronically or by mail.   Also, if you have not already voted, you may receive phone calls from Computershare Investor Services ("Computershare"), a professional proxy firm which has been engaged to assist in the solicitation process.  By voting promptly, you can minimize the follow-up phone calls that you may receive from Computershare asking you to vote your proxy. 

If you have any questions about the proxy materials or any phone calls you have received regarding the Proxy Statement, please call Harbor Funds at 800-422-1050.    

Thank you for voting your Harbor Funds proxies and thank you for your investment in Harbor Funds.