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2013 Year-End Fund Distribution Estimates
October 30, 2013

View Harbor Funds' 2013 Year-End Fund Distributions.

The estimated year-end distributions are provided to assist shareholders in year-end tax and investment planning. These estimated distributions are based upon projected results for the remainder of the year. Actual distributions may vary, in some cases materially, from the estimates provided. For example, certain estimates and assumptions have been made about income and the number of shares outstanding to estimate the year-end distributions. Actual Income may be higher or lower than the estimated income, which could result in the actual distributions being higher or lower than the estimated distributions. Shares outstanding may also fluctuate materially between the time estimates were made and the record date of the distribution resulting in a higher or lower distribution than is included in these estimates.

The total ordinary income dividend estimate includes short-term gains, if any, and is grossed up for the foreign tax credit, where appropriate, on international and global funds.

The estimated distribution table also includes an estimate of the total ordinary dividends that are qualified to be taxed at lower rates. The actual qualified dividend percentages may vary from the estimated amounts.

The final distributions for 2013 will be paid on December 17, 2013. Important year-end distribution dates are as follows:
Record Date: December 16, 2013
Ex-Date: December 17, 2013
Payable Date: December 17, 2013

For a historical look at the distributions for any one of Harbor's funds, visit our Historical Distributions page.