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Change in Portfolio Manager for Harbor Unconstrained Bond Fund
December 08, 2013

William (Bill) Gross has become the portfolio manager for the Harbor Unconstrained Bond Fund, effective immediately.   Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO) continues to serve as subadviser to the Fund as it has since the Fund's inception in 2010.  Chris Dialynas, who previously managed the Fund, is planning to take a sabbatical from PIMCO.

Mr. Gross also serves as the portfolio manager for the Harbor Bond Fund, which he has done since Harbor Bond Fund's inception in 1987.   Mr. Gross is a Managing Director, Co-Chief Investment Officer and a founding partner of PIMCO.  Mr. Gross has significant experience in managing accounts for PIMCO that employ an investment strategy substantially similar to that employed by the Harbor Unconstrained Bond Fund.  Accordingly, no change in the Fund's investment strategy or policies is expected to occur as a result of this change in portfolio manager.

The Harbor Funds lineup of actively managed, no-load mutual funds had combined net assets of $83 billion as of September 30, 2013. Each Harbor fund is managed by an institutional investment firm selected by Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. based on the firm's experience in a specific asset class.  Other fees and expenses apply to a continued investment in the Funds and are described in each Fund's current prospectus.

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