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We appreciate that there are hundreds of fund companies offering thousands of individual funds from which investors can choose. What is different about the Harbor Approach?

Harbor uses a "manager of managers" approach to investing. Instead of hiring a large team of employees to analyze markets, research investments and build portfolios across many different asset classes, we identify experienced portfolio managers (subadvisers), with proven track records, who specialize in a particular asset class to make all of the day-to-day investment decisions for our funds. For example, we utilize an experienced bond manager like PIMCO to manage our Harbor Bond Fund and another institutional investment manager with experience in managing growth equities, Jennison Associates, to manage our Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund.

Harbor Capital Advisors establishes the objectives and strategies for each fund and closely monitors and evaluates the performance of each fund and its portfolio manager. In this way, investors in Harbor Funds have the benefit of both a professional portfolio manager who selects investments on a day-to day basis for each fund and the benefit of a professional adviser in Harbor Capital Advisors that oversees the work of the portfolio manager.

Using this "manager of managers" approach, we believe Harbor can offer important benefits to our shareholders, including:

  • The right manager for the right fund. The investment philosophy and strategy that works for one fund, or one type of investment, won't necessarily work for another. By employing independent subadvisers to make the day-to-day investment decisions for our funds, we believe shareholders benefit from the expertise of a portfolio manager that specializes in a particular investment style or asset class. These subadvisers aren't tied to a single perspective on the markets that may be out of favor and affect all funds.
  • "Institutional-quality" funds for all investors. Most of our subadvisers work almost exclusively with large, sophisticated institutional investors such as corporate and public pension plans. Their investment services are not always available for most individual investors. Harbor has taken that institutional-level expertise, however, and made it available as a family of mutual funds for institutional and individual investors.
  • Truly objective fund management. Each of our subadvisers is independent of Harbor. This professional relationship with our subadvisers allows us to be unbiased and objective when evaluating their adherence to the funds' stated investment strategies and the value they provide to shareholders. Our subadvisers are trusted business partners, not co-workers.
  • Modest costs. Our arrangements with subadvisers, combined with our internal philosophy of closely managing costs, allow us to offer a family of funds that we believe delivers long-term value to our shareholders.
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Getting to Know Harbor When Harbor is selecting a subadviser for a Harbor fund, it's all about the shareholders. The "manager of managers" approach we use ensures that we are working on your behalf to select the right managers, and make sure they are following the objectives of the fund. Learn how this arrangement allows Harbor to remain objective, acting as a fiduciary and always putting the shareholder's interests first.

Harbor Funds Trustees and Officers

The Harbor Funds are overseen by a Board of Trustees and Fund officers.

Name Position
Charles F. McCain Chairman, President and Trustee
Scott M. Amero Trustee
Raymond J. Ball Trustee
Donna J. Dean Trustee
Joseph L. Dowling, III Trustee
Randall A. Hack Trustee
Robert Kasdin Trustee
Kathryn L. Quirk Trustee
Ann M. Spruill Trustee
Erik D. Ojala Chief Compliance Officer
Anmarie S. Kolinski Treasurer
Brian L. Collins Vice President
Kristof M. Gleich Vice President
Gregg M. Boland Vice President
Diana R. Podgorny Secretary
Jodie L. Crotteau Assistant Secretary
Lana M. Lewandowski AML Compliance Officer and Assistant Secretary
Lora A. Kmieciak Assistant Treasurer
John M. Paral Assistant Treasurer


Investment Adviser Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.
111 South Wacker Drive, 34th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606-4302
Custodian State Street Bank & Trust Company
State Street Financial Center
1 Lincoln Street,
Boston, MA 02111-2900
Distributor and
Principal Underwriter
Harbor Funds Distributors, Inc.
111 South Wacker Drive, 34th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606-4302
Shareholder Servicing Agent Harbor Services Group, Inc.
P. O. Box 804660
Chicago, IL 60680-4108
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Ernst & Young LLP
155 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606


About Harbor Capital Advisors

Harbor Capital Advisors has been utilizing the "manager of managers" approach to investing for over 30 years. Prior to the launch of Harbor Funds in 1986, Harbor Capital Advisors had been utilizing this same approach to manage assets for corporate pension plans. Harbor Capital Advisors currently manages assets for Harbor Funds and for corporate pension plans in excess of $48 billion as of June 30, 2019.

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation ("ORIX"), a global financial services company based in Tokyo, Japan. ORIX provides a range of financial services to corporate and retail customers around the world, including financing, leasing, real estate and investment banking services. The stock of ORIX trades publicly on both the New York (through American Depositary Receipts) and Tokyo Stock Exchanges.


Harbor's Business Continuity Plan

Harbor Funds Distributors, Inc. maintains a Business Continuity Plan on how we will respond to events that may significantly interrupt our business. Since the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions are unpredictable, we will have to be flexible in our approach to respond to events if they occur.
Read more about our business continuity plan.