Harbor Large Cap Value Fund Institutional Class (HAVLX)

Fees & Expenses Removed

This information has been removed from harborfunds.com.

For detailed Fees and Expenses information, please refer to the prospectus.

The Adviser has contractually agreed to limit the Fund's operating expenses, excluding interest expense (if any), to 0.68%, 0.60%, 0.93%, and 1.05% for the Institutional Class, Retirement Class, Administrative Class, and Investor Class respectively, through February 28, 2019. Only the Fund's Board of Trustees may modify or terminate this agreement.

Subject to an expense limitation agreement (excluding interest expense, if any) through February 28, 2019

Ex-Date. The date on which a Fund's net asset value (NAV) will fall by an amount equal to the dividend and/or capital gain distribution plus or minus any change in the value of the Fund's holdings.