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“One of the reasons for our success through different market environments is our ability to diversify our investment strategies to not rely too heavily on just one.”Scott Mather, Managing Director and CIO U.S. Core Strategies, Pacific Investment Management Company LLC

Current Price

As of 12/13/2019

Price (NAV)$11.88
Daily Change ($)$0.06
Daily Change (%)0.51%
YTD Return8.80%
Current 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield2.47%
Current 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield2.37%
Effective 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield2.50%
Effective 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield2.40%

Fund Facts

Inception Date12/29/1987
Net Expense Ratio0.51%
Gross Expense Ratio0.91%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 11/30/2019)
Fund Number2014
Share ClassInstitutional

Top Ten Holdings

Government National Mortgage Association II TBA7.0%
Federal National Mortgage Association TBA5.0%
U.S. Treasury Bonds4.2%
Federal National Mortgage Association REMIC3.9%
Government National Mortgage Association II TBA3.6%
Federal National Mortgage Association TBA3.4%
Federal National Mortgage Association TBA3.1%
U.S. Treasury Notes2.7%
Federal National Mortgage Association TBA2.2%
U.S. Treasury Notes2.1%
% of Total Holdings:37.2%

As of 9/30/2019