Conviction allows you to zig when the crowd zags.

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What sets Harbor Core Bond Fund apart?

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“Our team comes in every day excited to build a diversified portfolio comprised of unique bond structures and attractive relative-value ideas.  Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, our portfolio managers, traders, and analysts work together to provide solid, consistent investment results within appropriate risk parameters."Bill O'Malley, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager, Income Research + Management

Current Price

As of 10/30/2020

Price (NAV)$11.06
Daily Change ($)-$0.02
Daily Change (%)-0.18%
YTD Return7.65%
Current 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield1.49%
Current 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield1.46%
Effective 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield1.50%
Effective 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield1.47%

Fund Facts

Inception Date6/1/2018
Net Expense Ratio0.45%
Gross Expense Ratio0.54%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 9/30/2020)
Fund Number2043
Share ClassInstitutional

Top 10 Holdings

U.S. Treasury Bonds2.4%
U.S. Treasury Notes2.1%
U.S. Treasury Inflation Index Notes1.9%
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.1.1%
U.S. Treasury Bonds1.0%
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.1.0%
U.S. Small Business Administration1.0%
Government National Mortgage Association1.0%
Federal National Mortgage Association0.9%
U.S. Treasury Notes0.9%
% of Total Holdings:13.3%

As of 9/30/2020

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