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What sets Harbor Core Bond Fund apart?

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“Our team comes in every day excited to build a diversified portfolio comprised of unique bond structures and attractive relative-value ideas.  Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, our portfolio managers, traders, and analysts work together to provide solid, consistent investment results within appropriate risk parameters."Bill O'Malley, Managing Principal, Director of Investment Team and Senior Portfolio Manager, Income Research + Management

Current Price

As of 12/13/2019

Price (NAV)$10.64
Daily Change ($)$0.04
Daily Change (%)0.38%
YTD Return8.96%
Current 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield2.32%
Current 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield2.24%
Effective 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield2.34%
Effective 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield2.26%

Fund Facts

Inception Date6/1/2018
Net Expense Ratio0.45%
Gross Expense Ratio0.54%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 11/30/2019)
Fund Number2043
Share ClassInstitutional

Top 10 Holdings

U.S. Treasury Bonds4.9%
U.S. Treasury Bonds4.0%
U.S. Treasury Notes3.1%
Federal National Mortgage Association1.8%
U.S. Treasury Notes1.7%
Government National Mortgage Association1.7%
Federal National Mortgage Association1.5%
U.S. Small Business Administration1.5%
Gmf Floorplan Owner Revolving Trust1.4%
Federal National Mortgage Association1.4%
% of Total Holdings:23.0%

As of 9/30/2019