Goal: Preservation of capital. Please note that the Fund is now closed to new investors. Please refer to the Fund's prospectus (as supplemented) for additional information.

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Why invest in Harbor Money Market Fund?

“The experience of market cycles provides the wisdom for strong judgmental investment decisions.”Ken O'Donnell, CFA, Portfolio Manager, BNP Paribas Asset Management USA, Inc.

Current Price

As of 9/17/2021

NAV Price$1.00
NAV Daily Change ($)$0.00
NAV Daily Change (%)--
NAV YTD Return0.02%
Current 7-Day Sub. SEC Yield0.04%
Current 7-Day Unsub. SEC Yield-0.23%
Effective 7-Day Sub. SEC Yield0.04%
Effective 7-Day Unsub. SEC Yield-0.23%

Fund Facts

Inception Date12/29/1987
Net Expense Ratio0.28%
Gross Expense Ratio0.39%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 8/31/2021)
Fund Number2015
Share ClassInstitutional

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