Managed by Robeco Institutional Asset Management US Inc. (Since 12/1/2019)

Robeco is an international asset manager offering an extensive range of active investments, from equities to bonds. Research lies at the heart of everything they do, with a ‘pioneering but cautious’ approach that has been in their DNA since the foundation in Rotterdam in 1929. Robeco has invested in emerging markets since the early beginnings of the company and has a fully-dedicated emerging markets team in place since 1994. Based on award-winning academic research and experienced investment teams, quantitative investing is one of the key strengths of Robeco. In addition to the existing factor-based quantitative stock selection strategies in global and emerging markets, Robeco in 2006 introduced Conservative Equities: their active approach to low volatility investing. It is based on the anomaly that low-risk stocks tend to deliver a higher risk-adjusted return than high-risk stocks, contrary to classical finance theories. An approach that tends to lead to a portfolio that offers stable equity returns and high income.

Manager Profiles

portrait of Pim van Vliet, Ph.D.

Pim van Vliet, Ph.D.

Mr. Van Vliet is the head of the Conservative Equities team, responsible for coordinating the research and portfolio management of the Conservative Equities strategies which he founded in 2006. He has also been responsible for the Quantitative Allocation strategies since 2016. Pim joined Robeco in 2005 as a Senior Quantitative Researcher with responsibility for asset allocation research. He specializes in downside risk and long term investment strategies. He has published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, Management Science, the Journal of Portfolio Management, and other academic journals, and has written a book on low volatility investing which has been translated into several languages.
Pim is a guest lecturer at several universities, and advocates quantitative investing at international seminars. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. (cum laude) in Financial and Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and has 19 years of experience in the investment industry

portrait of Arlette van Ditshuizen

Arlette van Ditshuizen

Ms. Van Ditshuizen is a Portfolio Manager within the Conservative Equities team.  Since 2007 her primary focus is Robeco’s Low-volatility strategy called Conservative Equities. Previously she was Risk Manager with Robeco for two years and held a position as Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Derivatives Structures with Robeco for six years.  Arlette started her career in 1997 at Robeco. She is a graduate of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and holds a Master's degree in Econometrics. She has 22 years of experience in the investment industry.

portrait of Maarten Polfliet, CEFA

Maarten Polfliet, CEFA

Mr. Polfliet is a Portfolio Manager within the Conservative Equities team.  Until March 2017 his primary responsibilities included both Robeco’s Quant Value strategy and its Low-Volatility strategy called Conservative Equities. Since then, he is fully dedicated to the Conservative Equities strategy. Previously, Mr Polfliet was a Client Portfolio Manager within quantitative equities at Robeco. He started his career as a portfolio manager for private and institutional clients at SNS Bank Nederland in 1999.  From 2002 he worked at Bank Insinger de Beaufort as a portfolio manager for its Dutch Equity Fund, until he joined Robeco in 2005. Having obtained a Master’s degree in Financial Economics at Tilburg University, he was subsequently awarded his Master’s in Financial Analysis by the University of Amsterdam.  He is a CEFA charter holder, and has 20 years of experience in the investment industry.

portrait of Jan Sytze Mosselaar, CFA

Jan Sytze Mosselaar, CFA

Mr. Mosselaar is a Portfolio Manager within the Conservative Equities team. His primary responsibility is Robeco’s Low-Volatility strategy called Conservative Equities. He started his career in 2004 at Robeco and worked for ten years as a Portfolio Manager in the Robeco Asset Allocation department, managing multi-asset allocation funds, quant allocation funds, and fiduciary pension mandates. He also was part of Robeco’s Asset Allocation Committee. Mr Mosselaar holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics with a specialization in Finance Investments from the University of Groningen. He is a CFA® charter holder.

portrait of Arnoud Klep

Arnoud Klep

Mr. Klep is a Portfolio Manager within the Conservative Equities team. His primary responsibility is Robeco’s Low-Volatility strategy called Conservative Equities. One of his areas of expertise is the sustainability integration within the Quantitative Equities strategy. Previously, Arnoud was Head of Structured Investments with Robeco, managing various quantitative investment strategies. He started his career in the Robeco Quantitative Research department in 2001 after graduating from Tilburg University with a Master’s degree in Econometrics.