High-yield AND conservative? Yes, really.

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Why invest in the Harbor High-Yield Bond Fund?

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"The compounding of interest income is one of the most underestimated drivers of long term performance."Mark Shenkman, President, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Director, Shenkman Capital Management, Inc.

Current Price

As of 10/23/2020

Price (NAV)$9.70
Daily Change ($)$0.01
Daily Change (%)0.10%
YTD Return1.02%
Current 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield3.49%
Current 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield3.40%
Effective 30-Day Sub. SEC Yield3.55%
Effective 30-Day Unsub. SEC Yield3.45%

Fund Facts

Inception Date12/1/2002
Net Expense Ratio0.90%
Gross Expense Ratio0.99%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 9/30/2020)
Fund Number2224
Share ClassAdministrative

Top Ten Holdings

Stars Group Holdings BV / Stars Group US Co. Borrower LLC1.1%
Centene Corp.1.1%
Bausch Health Cos Inc.1.0%
Dell International LLC / EMC Corp.0.9%
Altice France SA0.8%
Tempo Acquisition LLC / Tempo Acquisition Finance Corp.0.8%
Centene Corp.0.8%
Sprint Capital Corp.0.8%
Change Healthcare Holdings LLC0.8%
Hughes Satellite Systems Corp.0.7%
% of Total Holdings:8.8%

As of 9/30/2020

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