Strategic Value Investing

Actionable investment strategies in value

Key Points:

  • Despite value investing’s recent struggles, we see potential opportunities in value. However, there are important nuances to consider
  • We believe investors should always maintain a strategic allocation to value within their portfolio given diversification benefits
  • Given the current market environment, we believe it may be a good time to add value exposure

Value vs. Growth and Diversification

After a run for growth investing, why might a strategic value allocation be prudent?


Understanding value’s recent struggles

It’s important to understand the headwinds value investors have faced in recent years.

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Not all value managers are created equal

There is a wide spectrum of value investing styles, and some managers have fared better than others.

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Utilize a manager with a thoughtful approach to value investing

Many value managers only consider simple factors like valuation multiples. We believe that active managers must take a more comprehensive approach to succeed in the value universe.

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Why we believe investors should always maintain a strategic allocation to value

Diversification is a time-tested lynchpin of investing and risk management. How can your value allocation help with diversification?

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Reasons to consider adding value to your portfolio today

What about today’s market environment may benefit value investors?

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