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The Harbor Lens serves to provide perspective and guidance for our clients. This dynamic term for Harbor's client-driven, integrated solutions spotlights Harbor's thinking and viewpoints which take on many different forms, such as insights, commentaries, and thought leadership.

Technology Sector Driving Disruption

Learn how Harbor is identifying high quality disruptive companies during this unique time in growth.

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When the Facts Collide With Conventional Wisdom

Read more from Kristof Gleich, Harbor’s President and CIO, about the two things to consider when evaluating active management in this challenging market.

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Allocating Across Value

A rebound in value investing has many taking a fresh look at their portfolios. We spoke with experts from our subadvisory network to get their thoughts on the recent rotation, and important long-term factors to consider when assessing the value landscape.

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Long-Term, Short Squeeze

In his latest insight, Kristof Gleich, Harbor’s President and CIO, looks at what impact the short squeeze in GameStop (and other companies) had on active managers, and what an event like this may mean for markets in the future.

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What It Pays to Be ProActive

In 2020, active management once again, took center stage. The dispersion between winning and losing managers was, in many cases, as wide as it’s been since the dotcom bubble burst. Before tackling 2021, Kristof Gleich, President & CIO, dives into the data behind a historic year for active management.

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Elections, Science and Diversification

November marked one of the strongest months for risk assets in history. In the latest monthly insight from Kristof Gleich, President & CIO, read about the impact of election results and recent cabinet appointments, positive results from COVID-19 vaccine trials, broadening of markets beyond large cap growth, heightened dispersion and more.

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Implications for Japan Around Prime Minister Abe’s Resignation

In September, Shinzo Abe resigned as Prime Minister of Japan and was replaced by Yoshidide Suga. Abe was Japan’s longest serving Prime Minister. Hear from the group of experts focused on Japan from Harbor’s subadvisers as they engaged in a thoughtful Q&A around the significance of this change on Japanese markets and what we believe will become of Abenomics.

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When Passive Becomes Active

In an unprecedented year, the door may have re-opened for talented active managers to differentiate themselves as concentration risks in passive index investments grow. Learn more about what heightened dispersion may mean for active investors, and what underlying risks of passive investing may be going unnoticed.

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Election Considerations & Potential Market Implications

Read our update including perspectives from Harbor and our strategic partners, around why outcomes of elections are less important in investing than we think.

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Innovation, Disruption, and Perseverance

With back to school season here, many are even more thankful for new technologies, capabilities and innovations that have enabled so many students and workers to adapt to the new normal of pandemic life. BUT, are innovative and disruptive companies LIMITED to technology and healthcare industries? We feel the answer is NO.

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An Update on Technology Sector Volatility

What just happened? 

Hear from Harbor along with experienced growth investors from Jennison Associates LLC and Westfield Capital Management, LP for a conversation across the growth spectrum that focuses on the technology sell-off and volatility recently experienced.

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Latin and Value Investing, Far from Dead

While value investing may seem to be the “dead language” of investment styles in this current growth environment, we believe it has been and will continue to be an important part of the investment world.

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Heading Into Halftime, Stick With Orange Slices

After some orange slices during the halftime break, what types of adjustments should investors be thinking about? While the next six months are likely to be volatile and may present challenges, there will be opportunities to pursue by adjusting game plans and looking at exposures to different market segments.

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