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Are you ready to experience the Harbor Approach, where taking care of our customers is the most important thing we do? If you are, it's easy to get started. We offer a wide variety of mutual fund investment options, and all kinds of account types.

Whichever account type you choose, you'll need some personal information accessible:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your bank's ACH routing number and your account number
  • Your home address
  • Your e-mail address
  • If you're opening an account for a minor, the minor's Social Security Number

When you're ready to go, click Download an Application below. Of course, if you would prefer to speak with one of our Shareholder Services Representatives, call us at 800-422-1050.

Welcome to Harbor Funds!

Please Note: If you're an existing Harbor Funds shareholder, it may be easier to simply log into your account, and then select Open a New Account.

Regular Accounts Show Descriptions
An individual account is an account owned by one person. The owner must be of legal age for the state in which they reside.
A joint account allows multiple owners to maintain ownership interests in an account. The account will be established as "Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship" unless otherwise indicated on the account application. If you are residents of Louisiana, your account will be established as "Joint Tenants in Common." All owners must be of legal age for the state in which they reside.
An account established for the benefit of a minor but administered by an adult custodian.
An account established to invest assets held in an existing personal trust.
An account established by an executor of a deceased individual, as a way to hold his or her assets until they have been distributed to his or her heirs, beneficiaries and or claimants.
An account owned by an organization or entity.

Retirement Accounts Show Descriptions
Traditional IRA
A Traditional IRA offers both tax-deductible and nondeductible contributions, and taxable withdrawals.
Roth IRA
A Roth IRA offers nondeductible contributions and tax-free withdrawals.
Simplified Retirement Pensions(SEP-IRA)
A SEP IRA is a Traditional IRA that will accept both employer and employee contributions.