Innovation, Disruption, and Perseverance

With back to school season here, many are even more thankful for new technologies, capabilities and innovations that have enabled so many students and workers to adapt to the new normal of pandemic life. BUT, are innovative and disruptive companies LIMITED to technology and healthcare industries? We feel the answer is NO.

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An Update on Technology Sector Volatility

What just happened? 

Hear from Harbor along with experienced growth investors from Jennison Associates LLC and Westfield Capital Management, LP for a conversation across the growth spectrum that focuses on the technology sell-off and volatility recently experienced.

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Latin and Value Investing, Far from Dead

While value investing may seem to be the “dead language” of investment styles in this current growth environment, we believe it has been and will continue to be an important part of the investment world.

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Heading Into Halftime, Stick With Orange Slices

After some orange slices during the halftime break, what types of adjustments should investors be thinking about? While the next six months are likely to be volatile and may present challenges, there will be opportunities to pursue by adjusting game plans and looking at exposures to different market segments.

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Climbing Out of the Hole

As the market rebuilds, so can you. Since late March, markets and investors have stopped digging deeper holes and have started climbing out towards the path to long recovery. Find out more about foundations which can help you rebuild growth.

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Introducing the Gray Swan

Was the Global Pandemic so far out of the realm of expectations that it could not be considered or even predicted? The evidence would point to the contrary. Get familiar with a Gray Swan Event and how to explain this phenomenon to your clients.

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May You Live in Interesting Times

Read the latest perspective from Brian Collins, CIO, Harbor Capital Advisors around the “New New Normal” and how investors should remain patient and informed. Learn about Harbor’s insights and how our long-term focused business model can help continue to maneuver through volatility.

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A Not So Welcome Return of Volatility

Feb 28, 2020  |  Brian Collins, CIO, Harbor Capital Advisors 

With heightened market volatility, investors should be patient, stay invested, and focus on the long-term.

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